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What You Need to Know About Healthcare When Buying Real Estate in Honduras

In choosing a new destination for your family, it’s important that you maintain the high standard of living you’re used to in North America. Living in Honduras presents new residents the opportunity to live a life of luxury in a tropical paradise. In this new post, we’ll explore the thriving medical community in the country for those considering real estate in Honduras.

  • Quality facilities

There are high-quality medical facilities in convenient locations throughout the country. For example, there’s the world-renowned CEMESA facility in San Pedro Sula and the Honduras Medical Center in the capital Tegucigalpa. Within these facilities, you’ll find highly qualified physicians capable of providing world-class care at affordable pricing. You’ll also experience limited wait times for your medical care.

  • Insurance options

Another leading option exercised by many new to Honduras is insurance. You’ll be able to buy insurance from local companies, who can help you to save money on your medical care in the long-term. In choosing an insurance plan, it’s important that you find out which companies offer the most comprehensive level of care within the country and how their plans align with the pricing of other options.

  • Low cost for complex surgeries

Another key benefit for those who require complex surgery on short notice during their time in Honduras is that complex surgeries can be completed for as little as $1000 without insurance. The competency of the Honduran doctors means this is an option often chosen by those living around the area and in other nearby countries.

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When reviewing your medical care options in Honduras, make sure you speak with our real estate experts. We have experience living in the country and helping clients settle in Honduras so we can provide quality guidance on care services. To learn more about buying real estate in Honduras and the medical considerations, contact our team today.