Jim Chalmers and Nancy Macleod – West of Edmonton, AB

We met Paul, Gino and Cristina at the fall Home Show in Edmonton in 2014 while searching for ideas on remodelling our bathroom. We attended their seminar in Edmonton and, despite a certain reticence we put a deposit on a lot in the Trujillo development. We travelled to the project in November. Our stay in Trujillo was everything the Njoi group had promised and more. They escorted us on various tours around the area (by bus and by boat), took us to good local restaurants every day, gave us tours of the properties and introduced us to the people involved in the actual construction, including the project’s architect, Hugo Coello. There was no pressure whatsoever to purchase a lot but we were so impressed with the area and project that we decided to complete the purchase while we were there.

Upon our return to Canada, we contacted Hugo and discussed our ideas for our house design. He was very responsive and after several iterations he came up with a great plan which we really liked. The construction cost estimate and schedule which accompanied the plan also met our needs. We returned to Trujillo in Nov 2015 to look at the progress on the house and to meet Hugo in San Pedro Sula to select finishes, tiles and fixtures. At this time we purchased all the appliances we wanted at some fairly reasonable prices. Hugo will have these installed as part of the house completion.

We are happy with our choice of Njoi Trujillo, and look forward to moving there permanently. Gino, Cristina, Paul and Lucia have enabled us to meet our future neighbours at various get-togethers here in Edmonton, which we found most helpful. We are happy that we will have neighbours we know and like.

We would like to express our thanks to the Njoi group and their associates for all they have done to make this whole process so painless, and also thanks for all the good times we have had with you all.

We appreciate what you have done for us, and look forward to being part of your community!

Peter & Ruth Hara, Toronto

My wife Ruth and I have finally come to a point in our lives where we are planning to purchase a second property for investment purposes. After a coincidental meeting with Cristina and Paul at the Toronto Home Show, we were intrigued to think that we could do this in Honduras. Following a very informative conversation, we committed to visiting Trujillo, and seeing first-hand what an investment in a Honduran property would look like. At the very least, we would have this year's family vacation in a tropical country for only $500.

This new commitment prompted us to begin our own research. After several phone calls and meetings with people we know have experience in Central America, and after several hours of scouring the Internet, we were left with several reservations. We fully expected that once we had enjoyed our vacation, we would politely decline the Njoi people and purchase an investment property closer to home. Something more accessible and more tangible.

What we didn't expect was that we would fall in love so quickly with this place. All of it… the mountains, the ocean, the food, the history and the people. It became easy to picture ourselves living a slower paced lifestyle in warm ocean breezes. Somewhere between snorkeling on the reef, playing in the starfish colony, cliff diving at the waterfalls and eating the incredibly fresh food, we discovered that our whole outlook and focus had changed. We no longer saw Njoi Santa Fe as an opportunity for our financial growth, but rather an investment in ourselves.

We now see ourselves in a land where time seems slower; where we can watch the sun rise and set over the mountains from our own patio; where we will never have to shovel the driveway again! Simply stated, this has become the place that we have to be.... and our four kids wholeheartedly agree. We now have a second home and the opportunities with Njoi are what made that possible. We’re looking forward to growing old here together.

So… now we know why they speak so passionately about this place. In fact, I'm certain that if you were to ask us about our experience in Trujillo, we would sound very much the same. We're looking forward to when Honduras becomes our home!

Melissa and Tony, Fort McMurray, AB

Tony and I were blown away at how attentive the Njoi team was at making our experience a very enjoyable one. Being a younger couple, they made us feel very comfortable and were always there when we had questions or concerns. We were blown away at how beautiful Trujillo was when we visited. From the beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and amazing local people, we are very excited to be a part of this amazing community and are very grateful to have not only have gained a beautiful beach property but amazing friends.

Thank you Cristina, Lucia, Gino and Paul!

Everett & Cindy Giles, Fort McMurray, AB

My wife and I along with her Brother and his fiancée visited NJOI Trujillo in January of 2014, to say we all immediately fell in love with the country, the people, and the NJOI group would be a severe understatement. The location and the beauty of the country is breathtaking. The people are so welcoming to Canadians it made us feel like we were at home in the first hours of arriving in Honduras.

We thought we had done a pretty indebt investigation of Honduras on the internet before traveling there and were a bit nervous of what we would encounter, based on the information on the Web. It did not take long for us to discover “don’t believe everything you read on the WEB.” Crime in this area is basically nonexistent, we felt very safe to wander around town on our own, and the second or third day there the Girls went into town on their own shopping and had no concerns.

We both purchased Lots in the NJOI Trujillo development, and the process was extremely easy, Gino, Paul, Cristina and Lucia are so easy to talk to and work with, they DO NOT practice hard sell tactics in any way, they are building a community that they are going to be a part of as well, so they want clients to feel very comfortable with their decisions, and feel safe in their decisions.

We cannot wait to return to Honduras this fall to see the changes, and start planning for our new home.

Greg and Angela From, Fort McMurray, Alberta

We found out about this development at a trade show in Fort McMurray at which point we met Paul, Lucia, Gino ans Christina. They were very informative and we decided to put a deposit on a lot.

We were actually pretty scared about the idea for quite some time as I am sure a lot of people would be. All those fears were abolished when we landed in Trujillo. We were met by Gino, Lucia, Christina and Paul along with some of the local staff that they have working for them. From that point on we never looked back.

They family run Campamento hotel was not a five star but the way they make you feel when you are there was more than any five star could offer. The food was amazing, the service was awesome and we never locked our room once the whole time we were there. We were given spectacular service by all and toured all over the area and also shown our lots as well.

The whole time there was absolutely no pressure to buy or pushy sales pitches. The first time that the NJOI staff even mentioned anything about buying was when the lawyers came on the last day. Even then it was all just giving us knowledge to make a decision about purchasing. In the end the decision to purchase was a no brainer. In fact we went with a more expensive one in the end.

Then came the building of the roads, gates and clubhouse. At first we were worried a bit that it may be delayed for whatever reason but again, the NJOI team delivered. We are excited to go down in November and close on our property and begin building in the spring of 2015.

Thank-You Njoi for delivering on everything that you said you would. Nicely Done

Kirk and Brenda Kelowna B.C.

When we first started to think about investing in another country, we were not looking at the Njoi properties. Once I started to talk with Paul at a local home show his sincerity peaked my interest and asked me to consider these properties when deciding on where we wanted to be. This was a bit unusual from my perspective as usually these type of booth visits can sometimes be aggressive when you try to leave. Not the case here.

Having been in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries for many years, when we heard about the Cruise terminal this again peak my interest even more.

I started to correspond with Gino Santarossa, (Senior Development partner) who, later help put me in contact with the Minister Counselor of Economic Affairs for Honduras.

I had a unique opportunity to meet and spent three hours talking to this Foreign Ambassador about the growth, potential and the future for investors in that country.

This was a real eye opener for me. When he mentioned the plans for an International Airport just a short distance from the developments, this, from my perspective was a "no brainer".

My wife on the other hand, was a bit skeptical and need to experience the area for herself. Or, maybe she just wanted an excuses for a holiday.

So we did our home work ( don't rely on a Google searches to find the accurate information). Then, took advantage of the promo that was offered, reserved a lot NO strings attached and booked our flight. After a few days of being with the Njoi team and experiencing the area. It was plain to see that this was a land of plenty, waiting for us to explore, embrace and to become part of an international community....... were everyone can know your name and smiles because they know why you are there.

These properties, the development, the Njoi Marketing team is the new standard for Luxury Development in the Trujillo Bay are.

The window of investment opportunity is here, and the returns have the potential to be huge.

Reserve your lot, book your flight an then let the land an all it has to offer speak to you about your next tropical adventure.

Yunus & Nanda

The views were breathtaking and beautiful. We have a 180 degree panoramic view of the spectacular beach and to the sides we can see the mountain rainforest.

For us the property will be an investment for rental and a holiday home. We saw the potential of what our home will be by viewing Hugo development project in Roatan and are excited about what he will build for us in Santa Fe. Maybe it will be our retiring home.

Kent & Julie Steckley

From the moment we arrived in Trujillo, we experienced a very warm and friendly atmosphere from everyone that we met. The local people are so friendly and they seem so happy. The people there live a very simple and laid back life in Trujillo and you always here them singing and smiling and just seem genuinely happy.

The country is absolutely gorgeous with beautiful mountains in the distance, white sandy beaches and very lush green spaces and palm trees. There always seems to be a light breeze to help keep things a little cooler. In Trujillo and Honduras you can find pineapples, mangos, papaya, bananas, avocado's, coffee, cigars, rum and so many other great resources available locally. The hotel where we stayed "Campamento Hotel" was all organic. They had everything from fresh cow milk daily to fresh eggs and fruits and vegetables. We enjoyed our stay there very much. Excellent food and the staff was very friendly.

Renee & Allen Tuleck

We came upon the Njoi booth at a property show in Edmonton purely by accident - we went to check out another opportunity (which we decided wasn't for us). On our way out of the show we were approached by Cristina - in a short 5 minutes she described the property and the opportunity for investment. It sounded too good to be true but we thought we should hear what they had to say at the presentation a couple of days later. The development team was all there - Lucia, Paul, Cristina and Gino. The presentation was short and their passion for their project really showed. We immediately saw the gem of an opportunity this was and gave our deposit. We booked our trip to check out the property a couple of months later and when we arrived in Honduras, Lucia, Jackie and Edwin were there to meet us. Lucia was our personal tour guide for the week and went out of her way to ensure our needs were taken care of. We had initially planned to spend 4 days in Trujillo and the balance of the time in Roatan. We changed our plans and stayed in Trujillo at Campamento the whole time instead. One of the highlights for us was the visit to the mountain farm where Allen gained some experience planting African Palm trees (by hand). Our experience in Trujillo was unlike any we have ever experienced - the authentic beauty of the place, and the warmth of the Honduran people really opened our eyes to understand what really matters in this life. We look forward to our next and future visits - it's like we are going back to visit family.

Jesse Nelson

Njoi Marketing has been nothing but a joy to deal with. From starting the process up here with you, Gino and Christina to closing the sale in Honduras with Lucia. Everyone has been prompt on answering any questions I have and getting me info to help me along the way. The web site is very informative also as that's what spiked my interest in buying a place through you guys. Lucia and everyone else in Honduras made the decision to buy much easier and knowing that great group of people will be my friends and neighbors for years to come is fantastic.

Dick and Monica, Casa del Amor

It is now over a year ago we met the Njoi team at the home show in Toronto. We just came back from a vacation in Roatan, enjoyed that so much that when we saw there was a possibility to buy property in Honduras -right across from the island Roatan - we wanted to see what all this was about. We made the trip to Trujillo in June 2013 and bought a beautiful piece of land (lot25) in phase I . When we went, at first we were somewhat hesitant, but the people there were so friendly and helpful, the nature so beautiful and then the endless beaches..... ...Yes we just wanted to come back.

The Njoi team has everything so well organised ;small trips, you get to sit down with the architect, the lawyer, any question is answered.

A few weeks ago we made our second trip,not only to see what was happening ,but most of all to meet with Hugo Coello the architect, to finalize our plans. At this point in time it is so important to us to get the design perfect and what he creates is exactly what we were looking for....a more modern style. With Hugo we feel we not only have a great architct, but someone who understands our wishes and comunicates very well.....all emails we have sent were answered within a day! We not only went with him to the lot to see how we are placing the house on it, so we have the best use of land and few, but he also took us around on Roatan for a few hours to see some of his work, how he builds,what materials he uses etc....very impressive! Most important, he does not only designs, but also overlooks the construction!!

We can't wait till construction starts!!!! roads are being constructed, water is brought in.... everybody is working hard to make this work! At last we thank the Njoi team, with a special thanks and compliments to Lucia who makes sure what when you come to Trujillo, all is organized well and fun for you.

Barry Steiner and Natividad Lopez, Saskatoon, Sk.

We had been thinking of investing in a Central American property after spending a couple weeks in Panama. We met the entire NJOI team at a trade show in Saskatoon. After spending about an hour talking to Geno, Cristina, Paul and Lucia, our curiosity was piqued enough to reserve a lot so we could check out the property in Honduras. Although we had some bad luck with the weather and flight delays, once we finally arrived in Roatan, we were wisked away by Captain Larry in a private plane and delivered to Trujillo where Lucia and Cristina were waiting for us with warm greetings and cold beer. We were only able to spend two nights in trujillo, where we toured the charming historic town, enjoyed a boat ride to the lagoon and visited the starfish colony, but it was enough to get a good feeling about the area and especially the people. We were very impressed with the integrity and passion of the NJOI team, and also the friendly staff at Campimento. After viewing the property and its huge potential, we ended up purchasing our reserved lot, plus another lot up higher on a hill, with a better view of the ocean. We are hoping to visit our properties again this fall (for more than a couple days) to check out the progress.

Pam Maragoni, Toronto

When I was invited down to Trujillo, Honduras, I was very hesitant about going. I remembered stories I had read in the newspaper about Honduras back in the 1970s and 80s and I was very fearful about going. Also, even nowadays, the political situation never seems stable there and you hear a lot about the drug trade. Well, I made the decision not to let fear hold me back. When I arrived I realized that all my fears were unfounded. Trujillo was safe, beautiful and unspoiled. The air was pure and I immediately felt re-energized. The green of the mountains and the blue of the sea were captivating. The people were friendly and very welcoming. I felt at home and knew that I would certainly invest and make Njoi Trujillo my new get-away.

Cerisano, Patricia, Bolton Ontario

My husband and I are very conservative people when it comes to investments. We went to the Njoi seminar in Toronto in February 2012, as a favour to my son. We had no intention of buying, we went to listen and had every intention to say thanks but no thanks. Well that is not what happened we became Njoi’s first official buyers.

We really didn’t know much about Honduras in general, but when we heard and saw the pictures of Trujilio we were almost sold. We put down our deposit, paid our 1st installment, site unseen. Our friends and family thought we were crazy. We made the trip to see our investment with my two sons (23 and 26 years old) in November 2012.

We wanted a snowbird location, which had the natural beauty (lush vegetation, wildlife, etc.), the relaxed lifestyle (no big city in the sun location like a Miami), beautiful blue water white sand beaches, and wonderful and inviting people. We were looking for a location that was going to appreciate in value as the location became well known as a popular tourist spot.

Well, that is exactly what we found on our visit. At first, I thought my boys would be bored and miserable, but I have to say this was one our most memorable family vacations. The Njoi team took care of everything, from the meeting us, along with 18 other potential buyers at the airport in Toronto, arranging the puddle jumper from Roatan, landing on the Fanasty Island landing strip in Trujilio (that was so neat – actually having to do a fly by to warn the wildlife to get off the runway), having cold beers and towels waiting for us when we landed, arranging the transportation to the Campemento Hotel where we were greeted by Ole, Auturo and their whole staff. The Njoi team arranged for local tours to the towns of both Trujilio and Santa Fe where we were able to talk with the locals and get a real feeling of the towns and the people, and seeing the Fortress of Santa Barbara. Our other day trips included, snorkeling in blue waters, swimming at the starfish colony, and my best memory the hike to the natural waterfalls. Making the trek and swimming with my boys in the pool of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen was awesome. Oh, and Paul’s little adventure of falling and going over the falls with his camera.

But the highlight of our trip was the day we were taken by boat by the Njoi team to see our property. Approaching the development we could see the lush green mountains in the background, anchored the boat and approached the property through our private beach. A short walk in and small climb to our property, we saw the most beautiful view of the bay ever. After we saw that view, my husband, sons and I knew had made the right decision. We were ready to setup a tent and not leave. The only thing that remained was talking with the architect – Hugo Coello and the lawyers to understand the building and financial implications fully. The Njoi team took care of this as well, by arranging for them as well as the local mayors and Vice President’s husband to come talk to us about the plans of the country and their local regions. Throughout the trip, the team just let the country of Honduras its people, the area and their investment opportunity speak for itself. At no time did we feel pressure by the team to firm up our purchase. Now, as the construction on the infrastructure has begun, we are starting to get very excited, and are looking forward to our next trip in October 2014, to start the building discussions.

Marilyn & Clarence Richard, Ardrossan, Alberta

We were unsure of what we would find in Honduras, but we had an excellent experience. The staff at the Campamento resort were very accommodating, and the meals were excellent (there was no shortage of food, and the variety and taste had us looking forward to the next meal)!

Gino, Cristina, Lucia and Paul were our tour guides for the week, and we got to see everything we had planned for and more. We were able to go to the property if we wanted 2nd and 3rd looks at it, and we were able to get answers to all our questions right there. We went into Trujillo to experience the local shopping, see the sights and the new cruiseship terminal, and have an evening meal. At no time did anyone feel threatened or unsafe. In fact, we were welcomed by such friendly people, and we were able to talk to other Canadians who were already there.

We are not normally ocean swimmers, but we spent a lot of time in the water....our beach is the best! The scenery is gorgeous, the climate does not seem to be extreme, and we can’t wait to go back again soon to our own place!

Pauline & Paul, Fort McMurray, AB, April 16th, 2014

In February, 2014 my husband and I purchased lot 4 in NJOI, Santa Fe situated in Trujillo, Honduras. We were met at the La Ceiba airport by Lucia, co-developer and Mitchel from the NJOI team. Our 2 ½ hour ride to Trujillo was filled with Lucia’s vast knowledge of the region. Once we arrived to the development itself, we immediately fell in love with the property. The greenery and the private beach are like no other. During our stay Lucia continued our tour of Trujillo, including the new cruise ship. Some of our highlights in Trujillo included snorkeling, visiting the starfish colony and the sighting of dolphins. The people are warm and welcoming and eager to help. We had a wonderful time and had a lot of laughs and came back with good memories. We can’t wait to build our retirement home and enjoy the warm Caribbean Sea, the pristine beaches, the green lush tropical mountains and the radiant sunsets. We felt that this was an opportunity we should not pass up.

Neil, Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I have had had the pleasure of spending two extended stays with Gino, Lucia, Paul and the rest of the Njoi team in 2012 and 2013.

The service I received from the moment I arrived at the La Ceiba airport was above and beyond what can reasonably be expected from any resort or hotel in Honduras. Lucia was very attentive and always had someone available to bring me drinks as I lay on the beach.

From the moment I arrived to my property and first met Lucia's team the tone was set for an amazing and relaxing visit. When Gino and Lucia told me they were available to assist me they truly meant it.

I have been to many places around the world and by far Trujillo is one of the most visually stunning places I've ever been.

Thanks to Lucia, Gino and their staff, I look forward to future visits to Trujillo and settling into my new home in Njoi!

Michele and Claude

This was our first visit to Honduras. Through the years we have traveled to numerous countries within Central America so we thought we knew what to expect. The trip with the NJOI Team gave us all that and more! Honduras is an relatively untouched treasure and NJOI gave us every opportunity to experience the country, its people and incredible options for our vacation home.

The home-base for our trip was Campamento Hotel - a quiet, family-run rustic resort that kept us more than comfortable, satiated with excellent cuisine - and many a refreshment! With miles of untouched beach, waterfalls, snorkelling and the small town markets to explore we never lacked for anything. When we toured the NJOI Trujillo property we took in all that it had to offer - vistas of the Caribbean Ocean on one side and tropical rainforest covered mountains on the other. The culmination was our meeting with Hugo Coello, the architect, who’s professionalism and quiet confidence helped us to feel even more comfortable with our decision to invest in Honduras and the future of the Trujillo and Sante Fe areas. Even Noel Ruiz, the Mayor of Sante Fe came out to greet us. The NJOI Team is top notch. They hold themselves to high standards of performance and now, almost a year out from our visit, they are delivering on their commitments. We are excited about our new venture, being part of the Honduran community and the NJOI development.

Donna, Wes, & Jacuqeline Rempel

We were treated extremely well by all at NJOI and Campamento. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. We feel we have made some friends for life. But we were spoiled as we were the only ones there at the time. We had a great opportunity to experience all that was offered. We know that we got the best one could imagine. Lucia is the best!

Francis Guilbert, Amos, Québec, Canada

Fin avril dernier je suis allé passer un séjour d’une semaine à Trullijo au Honduras avec mon frère Éric.

J’ai passé une des plus belles semaines de ma vie car les gens de Njoi m’ont très bien traité.

Là-bas j’ai fait la connaissance de quelque gens locaux et ils m’ont traité avec une chaleur et le plus grand des respects. Il était très fier de me faire connaitre leur magnifique coin de pays.

Là- bas j’ai pu marcher dans la jungle et profité de la faune tropical.

La vue sur la mer et les montagnes était absolument sensationnel et stupéfiante.

Les gens à l’hotel Campamento m’ont donné un service exceptionnel.

Ayant un léger surplus de poids j’ai profité de cette semaine pour manger de la nourriture exceptionnel composé de fruit frais biologique et de fruit de mer.

À la fin de mon séjour je ne voulais plus revenir au pays.

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