Own Njoi Trujillo Oceanview Properties

200, spacious, ⅓ acre Njoi Santa Fe Oceanview Lots are situated on the beautiful rolling hillside of Santa Fe, with a 100% ocean view from every lot. At the base of these beautiful hills, is our own Njoi beach stretching for miles with breathtaking sunsets. This newest luxury real estate development is the jewel of the community of Santa Fe.

Njoi Santa Fe Oceanview Lots

The Santa Fe Oceanview Lots provide THE most breathtaking vistas in the whole Caribbean! With the 100% ocean view from every lot and the homes nestled into the Honduran rainforest hillside, your Santa Fe dream home is filled with sights and sounds of the Caribbean. Each lot is fully serviced with water, electricity and telecommunications and accessed by concrete roads.

The Njoi Santa Fe Oceanview Lots are situated on 151 acres along the Bay of Trujillo and reaches up to 300 plus feet above sea level.

The development has been designed to guarantee each lot has a 100% ocean view.

Every Njoi Santa Fe Oceanview Lot is up to 1/3 acre and has the capabilities of having the most spectacular infinity pools facing the ocean. Each home, like Njoi Trujillo, will be custom built by Hugo Coello who has over 20 years of experience building luxury estate homes in Honduras.

Lots starting at $98,000 USD.

Contact us for more information.

Njoi Santa Fe Oceanview Custom Homes

The Njoi Santa Fe Oceanview properties are a 5-star development with access to Njoi Trujillo’s planned amenities such as a community pool, spa, gym, 2 restaurants and yoga centre. Each Santa Fe residence is designed with the award-winning architect, Hugo Coello and you! Every home is custom designed and built so your home…is exactly that…your home. Hugo blends his design expertise with your decor ideas and produces modern Caribbean-styled homes with classic overtones.

Designs Your Masterpiece

Designed by the renowned team of Hugo Coello, our Trujillo Honduras properties provide world class views. Pick from one of the many floor plans and let your style shine with custom features and finishes to provide the utmost in modern amenities.

When Luxury meets Caribbean Charm

In keeping with the Caribbean charm of your home you can choose from an array of luxurious quality furnishings from one of our local suppliers or you may want to go directly to a local woodworker and custom build your furniture package.

Safe & Secure Paradise

Trujillo is a safe and peaceful town set in a natural setting with several factors contributing to its security. Our Njoi Trujillo & Njoi Santa Fe are gated communities with 24 hour security. Our security team patrols our front entrance, community streets and our beach front property.

Building Guidelines

Building your own customized slice of tropical paradise at Njoi is easy!
Njoi homes must be a minimum of 1200 sq. ft. and up to 6000 sq. ft. on any of our ⅓ acre lots.
Design must be approved by development owners in order to maintain our community’s 5-star accreditation.
Approximate building costs are as follows:
$100 to $160 USD per sq. ft. (Depending on the lot topography and your choice of finishing’s. Building costs may fluctuate according to market conditions.)
A custom in-ground infinity pool: $15,000 to $25,000 USD
A customized outdoor living space and patio: $35 USD per sq. ft.

Njoi Santa Fe Lot Homes

Njoi Honduras Luxury Residence

All Njoi Santa Fe custom designed and built homes are contemporary Caribbean luxury homes with many design options to choose from such as roof top patios to entertain your guests on or customizable infinity pools to sit by and watch the sun set over the ocean.

All of our Njoi luxury custom homes offer exceptional open-concept floor plans which is great for entertaining or just spreading out in your own space.

Njoi homes are custom built by Hugo Coello and floor plans/exteriors can be adjusted to suit your needs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1.888.960.NJOI (6564) or fill out the form below.

Developed with sustainability in mind

Njoi Beach Residences Development made sustainability a priority from the outset using a lot of the area’s natural resources.

Njoi Beach Residences will have a dedicated nursery for cultivating the plants found on-site. This means the indigenous plants on the site will be first carefully removed and stored for replanting after construction is completed. Also, significant trees and natural formations have been painstakingly preserved.

Coastal areas remain untouched and all storm water is collected, treated and reused for irrigation, thereby protecting the coral reefs.

Njoi Beach Residences are also fully furnished with an Energy Management System keeping all properties highly efficient in maintaining suitable levels of consumption.

Njoi Beach Residences have also kept the density levels in all of their development phases well below approved population density levels.


Every owner of Beach Residences has the option of having a Rain Water Collection cistern on their property of at least 10,000 gallons. Our pools offer an optional ECO Smart Pool Filtration Systems which do not use any chemicals; only small quantities of Copper. The pool filtration system replaces the silica sand with recycled glass.

All of Beach Residences have On-Demand water heaters which also save energy. The main supply of water for both developments comes from a natural source, which is a river located approximately 2 kms away. Every home has its own waste water treatment system with aerators (Pirahna system), which allows the water to be reused for irrigation of the gardens, after being treated.


Njoi Beach Residences only uses LED interior lights and solar landscaping. The homes have ready to hook up propane generators, kitchen ranges and clothes dryers.

Climate Control

Each of the rooms in Njoi Beach Residences are individually cooled and have a high efficiency SEER 20 Mini Split unit. This helps with energy savings by not having to cool the entire home. All appliances are Energy Star certified.


According to Honduras’ environmental permits from Mi Ambiente, Njoi Beach Residences must have over 15% green space in their area. Njoi Beach Residencesis is proud proud to say that they have exceeded the mandatory green space requirement.


All of the remaining wood from construction is re used to build tables, chairs and fences for the workers. The Beach Residences has a program of recycling plastic with the Municipality, which locals re use to create artistic pieces for tourists. The Beach Residences that have flat roofs are designed in a way that they could be used as roof gardens to grow their own vegetables or flowers for their landscaping. Large overhangs are designed on homes to create shade and reduce the heat on the walls and windows.

A vacation paradise, a retirement heaven or an
incredible investment opportunity... the choice is yours.

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