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NJOI Trujillo Announces New Villas and Houses for Sale in Honduras

NJOI Trujillo has announced that there are six easy steps for Canadians and Americans buying houses for sale in Honduras through the Toronto based real estate broker.

Toronto, ON – August, 2016 – NJOI Trujillo is pleased to announce that buying houses for sale in Honduras is only six simple steps away for Americans and Canadians looking for investment property, vacation or retirement homes. 

Honduras, which officially opened for international business in 2011, boasts a tropical climate, breathtaking views, and miles of white sandy beaches along the Caribbean coastline. These, coupled with the thriving shopping district, new marina, and future development plans, makes Honduras the ideal location for Canadians and Americans alike. Buying a slice of this tropical paradise is simplified into 6 easy steps:

1) Consult the information located throughout NJOI Trujillo’s website and sign up for the free webinar by emailing the request to gino@njoitrujillo.com

2) View development lots and choose desired locations.

3) Fill out reservation agreement.

4) Pay the non-refundable reservation fee to secure the lot. This reservation fee holds the desired locations for 60 days and includes:

  • 3 Night/4 Day stay at Campamento Hotel
  • Airport Pick up and Drop Off
  • Local area tours
  • Viewing of selected lot with the option to change the location if desired
  • Those who book their flight to Honduras within two weeks of reserving their lot will enjoy an extended stay of up to a week. 

5) Once the lot has been agreed on, customers will need to sign the Sales Agreement in front of an Honduran Lawyer.

6) Obtain the Land Title upon closing.

Available property is selling quickly, and the newest phases are well underway. Those interested are encouraged to act fast.

To learn more about the steps involved with buying houses for sale in Honduras, please contact NJOI Trujillo directly.

About NJOI Trujillo

Founded on the dreams of two Canadian developers, NJOI Trujillo, strives to provide affordable vacation, investment, and retirement properties to their community. Honduras, recently officially opened for international business, boosts beautiful tropical landscaping and climate, making it the ideal location for NJOI Trujillo.

For more information, please visit: http://njoitrujillo.com/ or call (888) 960-NJOI (6564).