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Discover the Latest Eco-Friendly Caribbean Real Estate with NJOI

When choosing Caribbean real estate, many buyers are now taking into consideration the planning steps companies take to secure the local environment. The team at NJOI are leaders in this area, and within our latest post, we’re highlighting the latest eco-friendly measures we take in building our Caribbean real estate.

A comprehensive energy management system

One great step forward that we’ve taken in recent years is to build an energy management system that allows our residences to be run energy efficiently. The NJOI system ensures that energy is allocated on an as-needed basis so that property owners get the energy their homes require without waste.

Replanting indigenous plants

With the construction work taking place across the region, it can be difficult to retain a positive impact on the environment while providing our clients with quality Caribbean real estate. We take many steps to accomplish this objective, one of which is to replant any indigenous plants removed as a result of our work. NJOI carefully removes indigenous plants during the construction phase, stores them, and then replants them once construction has been completed.

Low population density

To help further limit the impact of our work on the local environment, we also maintain low population densities within our developments. While some companies oversell their properties, we ensure that density is low so that residents can live in harmony with the environment and ensure local resources are used efficiently.

Low lighting levels in beach areas

Another way in which we limit our environmental impact is by keeping lighting levels to their minimum in coastal regions. Much of the local marine life can be harmed by intrusive light. Sea turtles, for example, can be misdirected by light shining across the water and so we use low-level lighting systems to mitigate our impact on the waterways.

To discover more about how NJOI harnesses environmental strategies in the building of our luxury Caribbean real estate, please call our team today.